Giant Cupcake of Roses, 65th Birthday, DJ English Breakfast and many cupcakes

Giant Cupcake of Roses

Giant Cupcake of Roses

First of all I …. WOW! I’ve just noticed that I have had over 10,000 hits. I would like to say thank you to all who’ve had a look or sent lovely comments over the past 12 months. I never in my wildest dreams imagine that I would reach that many people from my little blog. So thank you xxxx

Right to the cakes.

The cake above is the giant cupcake of roses. This cake was made for eldest daughter’s birthday a few days ago.

It is chocolate cake (of course). Admittedly she did want a henna inspired cake. However due to an record breaking heat wave we’re experiencing in Melbourne presently it is hard enough to try and crumb coat without everything melting, let alone doing piping work. So decided to get the fondant out.

I started just playing around with roses, and ended up with 50 of them, I then placed them randomly on top of the cake.

My daughter’s friend who came to the house for a birthday sleepover had the very important job of making the leaves to finish the cake off. The last touch was a little lustre spray.

Back of giant cupcake of roses

Back of giant cupcake of roses

Next cake ….

65th Birthday cake/Retirement

65th Birthday cake/Retirement

This 65th Birthday/retirement cake was for our neighbour. His wife wanted to surprise him with a proper cake, and not one from a shop.

It was chocolate orange, as this was his favourite flavour, other than that I had free reign, but decided to keep it simple and classic using black and white.

Along the outside of the cake is a border of white fondant flowers with little silver balls.

Not only did I get to make the cake, but I also got invited to the party, where my girls spent the rest of the day playing and having fun making new friends. I had 2 very tired bunnies by the end of the day.

DJ English Breakfast Turntable Cake

DJ English Breakfast Turntable Cake

The next cake, is for DJ English Breakfast, he was turning 21. His Mum decided to commission a turntable cake.

Once I realised what his DJ name was, I had no option but to make bacon and eggs.

This is probably the most detailed cake I’ve done in fondant so far.

I hear on the grapevine that the cake went down very well, and his friends all took photos as they hadn’t seen a cake quite like it before. Not only that, but DJ English Breakfast’s younger brother now wants a turntable cake for his birthday in August.

It was a lot of fun to make.

Lace cupcakes

Lace cupcakes

Last but certainly not least, I decided to make some cupcakes for us to have at home. As it’s been a while since I made any cupcakes.

I wanted to practice my lace techniques, before incorporating the technique in the wedding cake for our renewal of vows in April.



More cupcakes

More cupcakes

Leaf cupcakes

Leaf cupcakes

Looking back, I’ve just realised how busy I have been over the past few weeks.

The last job I have to do is prepare some glittery flowers for class cupcakes that I have to deliver this week. My girls will no doubt be covered in glitter by the end of the day. In fact I imagine that I will find glitter everywhere over the next few days. You’d be amazed just how far it spreads!

One other task is to make an Easter style cake. I have an idea, it’s just whether I can pull it off. I suppose I’ll just to have use my usual technique which is to ‘wing it!’

Until next time, happy baking 🙂


My First Wedding Cake

My First Wedding Cake

Well here it is – my first official wedding cake order.

It is 2 double barreled – 2 tier, dark chocolate mud with white chocolate mud layers. Each layer has a thin covering of chocolate ganache.

Wrapped around the cake is chocolate fondant, and then white fondant to finish.

It took the best part of 2 days to fully complete, and I will be honest and say that it was quite challenging at times. Mainly due to the fact that this is the biggest cake I’ve made.

And it was incredibly heavy once finished. I am curious to know how much it weighed – maybe next time I’ll get the scales out. With the quantities of flour, sugar, butter, chocolate etc, it would be at least 10 kilo’s.

Gold Shimmer Leaves

I did nearly have the moment when the stress threaten to take over. However instead of curling up in a heap and giving up, I managed to harness the stress into something a little more productive.

I am glad that I didn’t give up, because the bride loved the cake.

Would I do things differently with the way it was made and decorated – yes I would.

I would have gone into a lot more detail. And I’ve never done double barreled before – it makes the cake look huge.

I love my roses, I am really pleased with how they look, and the gold leaves I am equally as pleased with.

I just wish I did more to the decoration.  I shouldn’t be to hard on myself. It is a learning after all.

Then again saying that if I am not hard on myself, then who will?

I received an email yesterday apologizing for the late notice, but would I do a wedding cake for next weekend.

So I will be making a small 6 inch chocolate mud cake, with 24 cupcakes underneath.

The colours will be teal, white and pale shimmer gold. So looking forward to wedding cake number 2. Hope everyone’s Friday 13th went as smoothly as mine.

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