Petal & Ivy Cupcakes

Petal & Ivy Cupcakes

We had a wintery blast of cold weather in Melbourne today. So this seemed to be an ideal day to put the oven on and bake some chocolate cupcakes.

The house smelled delicious and the heat from the oven was welcome on a cool day.

Recently I purchased some new supplies including various cutters, colours, sparkles, and my favourite edible gold paint. So I decided to play around with some new ideas. Yep you guessed it, I was winging it 🙂

With different colours and cutters I came up with this design.

Petals & Ivy

I would love to do this with autumnal colours, some vibrant reds, purples and oranges.

And then once made highlight with edible gold paint.

The paint was easy to apply using what looks like a nail varnish brush.

It dries quick and highlights well.

Four of these lovely cupcakes went to a birthday party today as an alternative to the birthday cake.

And from what I’ve heard, that they have gone down well. In fact the children inhaled them!

Tomorrow I officially start on the vintage glamour wedding cake. Lots and lots of work ahead, and the pick is Friday lunchtime.

I am looking forward to sharing the photos with you all on the weekend.