Lifeguards and Wedding Cake

I recently got asked to make a lifeguard cake for a young man turning 18. In principal it is a fairly simplistic cake. It is going to be 10 inch round, there is going to be the beach and sea, maybe a couple of star fish. However on the beach will be a Australian Lifeguard looking out to sea watching the swimmers and possible shark.

All the figures will be made with chocolate – which I’ll be preparing tomorrow. The lifeguard will be using binoculars (not that I am making this difficult lol). I know the cake will look great when I’m finished it’s just getting to that point. I was meant to do the chocolate today, but life just got in the way of that idea.

Once the modelling chocolate is being prepared, I will also be trying a new chocolate recipe to make chocolate paste. You can use it to cover cakes, and to make roses etc. The recipe has come from a library book that I got today. I believe that with the likes of Google, many people have forgotten or can’t be bothered to check their local libraries for sources of information, I know I had. And that was a mistake. I came home with 4 books, including one all about edible flowers. I don’t believe I’ll end up loving gardening, but would really love to incorporate edible flowers in and around my cakes, there is something very organic about it.

While I am concentrating on my little lifeguard, I have to also start preparing my flowers for the big wedding cake order for next week. My first official wedding cake 🙂

The theme for the wedding is vintage glamour and inside will be layers of chocolate mud and white chocolate mud. Covered in more chocolate.

I will upload photos as I go for the lifeguard cake and prep for the wedding cake.

Well it’s getting late, and I am hoping for more rest than last night. I was tired, I switched the lamp off, and low and behold 30 seconds after that, my head fills will cake ideas. Tonight I have a notepad beside my bed to jot the ideas down 🙂