Princess Castle Cake

Princess Castle Cake

Princess Castle Cake

This is my first Princess Castle Cake. Ironically with 2 daughters neither one has asked for a castle ……. yet.

I made stain glass window, flowers, window boxes, leaves, tree and birds. The hardest bit (my fault) was doing the individual cobbles on the wall. It seem to take an age!

This was made for a friend of mine, for her niece’s 1st birthday.

Inside the cake was chocolate pound cake – I kept it simple because it was a childrens party.

It was good fun, and I love how it shines in the sun.


The back

The back



Cakes, Cakes, and more cakes.

The last month or so has been busy on both cake and family fronts.

The above photo is my ruffle flower cupcake at the wedding. And what is even more impressive, without even trying the teal of the cupcakes, matched the teal in the wedding dress. I love this cake, with only one weeks notice, and an awesome client who talked for 2 hours going through every design aspect to give her friend an amazing wedding cake as a gift. Ok, I maybe a little biased.

After this I had my birthday. Of course I made my cake which was a chocolate treacle cake (my favourite). However my eldest daughter (9) decorated my cake with ribbon roses and flowers, and my youngest (3) decorated the chocolate cupcakes with chocolate and fondant flowers.

My birthday cake decorated by my 9 year old daughter.

As you can see, there is a definite cake decorating ability shining through my girls.

In fact I will have to figure them out in the grand plan, of Hollipops Cakes & Daughters lol.

However that is a long way off, and my eldest wants to be a tennis pro, so maybe after her tennis career has finished – she can then fall

My 3 year old decorated my birthday cupcakes.I also got this cup and tray as a gift.

back and help Mum in the bakery.

Well that takes it to the beginning of May.

As well as preparing my birthday cakes for what turned out to be a surprise party – again organised by my girls, I also baked, and decorated 45 chocolate mud cupcakes, with chocolate ganache.



On top was a stylised sailboat design drawn up by the client.

It initially just had the sails, but after a little playing I added the hull to give it a more of a sailboat look.

Stylised Sailboat Cupcakes

After the celebrations had finished and I got to check out all my cool gifts, including a really nice Jamie Oliver apron and a tin of cupcake recipe cards, I then had to plan for my next order. Which was 100 Roses Cupcakes for an engagement party.

Each individual rose petal was hand piped. And admittedly I got a little cramp after piping what felt like hours. Once the last cupcake was finished and put into the box, I stood back and looked at what I’d achieved.

They looked amazing, and I got some lovely compliments from the engaged couple and some others who were guests at the party, which brightened up my day.

Roses Cupcakes

The Cupcakes at the venue, going for an afternoon tea look with dollies

Which takes as up to present day. My next cake is next week, and it is going to be the Tardis from Dr Who. Which should be quite interesting to make.

Inside will be chocolate pound cake with a chocolate-orange buttercream. There are decorations to put around the cake including a Dalek. And I’m looking forward to making a British icon.

For now, I have recipes to write and organise, I need to cover 20 cake boards in various sizes that I got given to me yesterday. And most important before I head into my girls bedrooms to discover the mass of toys that they have yet to put away, I need a cup of tea.