Flavours & Fillings

Chocolate Mint Christmas Tree Cake - Handmade Mint Leaves

This by far my favourite cake! I loved making this, I was so relaxed and chilled out, even at 2am when I had finished for the night, and then had to be up by 7am to complete it.

The flavours are 4 tiers of chocolate mud cake, which in turn has a layers of dark/milk chocolate ganache. Then I covered the whole cake in pure white chocolate. I had already prepared the mint leaves the in the morning, which were attached with more white chocolate. With some violet sparkles and silver balls to add a touch of glamour. I am sure as time goes by I will have other favourites, but for me this will always be in the top 5.

Chanel Cake

The Chanel cake was quite specific in the requirement that it had to be nut free and a chocolate cake. So I did a chocolate sponge with cocoa powder, the filling keeping with the simple theme was a chocolate buttercream, again using the cocoa powder.

I love making the heavy duty chocolate cakes, but sometimes simple and classic is best.


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