My daughters 5th birthday – she wanted a 4 tier cake with hanging crystals!

Her 5th Birthday Cake

My Daughter’s 5th Birthday Cake

About 2 months before my daughter’s birthdays. They start to doodle some designs and will give a rough outline for what they would like. This time however my youngest had very definite ideas about her cake.

It had to be 4 tier, and it had to have crystals hanging from it!

Her last cake was quite a delicate affair with hundreds of mini flowers in 5 shades of pink graduating down in colour. And only 1 tier. However this time she was after a more of a statement cake.

Due to the fact that she had invited her friends from kinder, this cake had to be chocolate.

The colours are from another cake she had seen online, in which she loved the mix of pink, green and the purple.

I was still feeling jet lagged from my trip to the UK, and so I found myself a little out of time, I recruited 2 of the Mums, and my Dad to roll lots of little balls, to surround each tier of the cake.

We had lots of kids here, and their parents stayed as well, so this cake was eaten pretty quickly. And only one tier was left to share amongst ourselves and my neighbours.

With the last crumb washed away, my daughter then announces that next year she wants an 8 tier cake!!!

Until then, happy baking 🙂

Happy Birthday to my little girl xx

Happy Birthday to my little girl xx


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