A UK Wedding Cake.

the finished cake

the finished cake

Back in the July last year I got a wedding invitation – asking if I would attend the wedding of my best friend from primary school. Of course I had to say yes. Not only would I go to the wedding, but I would be able to catch up with my family and other friends.

About 3 days after the wedding invitation, I got asked if I would make the cake. So I decided to make this my gift to the lovely couple.

So this cake has approx 12 months planning on and off. To make the cake I managed to stay with another friend who has a big mixer (definitely required with a 4 tier cake), and she is a chef who also makes cakes for friends and family.

I had given a list of ingredients for my friend to get in the UK. The only prep I did before I left was to make the two different coloured chocolate roses. As they take a little time. I wrapped them up and hoped they wouldn’t get crushed during the flight.

Canterbury Catherdral - a day out in Canterbury

Canterbury cathedral – a day out in Canterbury

So after landing I spent the first week trying to get over jet lag,  reacquainting myself with some of my favourite foods (that you can’t get in Australia), having a pint at the Kings Head in Deal, and checking out some local areas including Canterbury.

Having gone to stay with my chef friend, it was time for me to get to work on the cake.

The bottom tier took 3 hours in the oven due to its size! I kept the tiers simple flavours, except the top-tier which the bride had requested that it should be traditional fruit cake with a marzipan layer.

This cake took 2 and 1/2 days to complete – the biggest cake I’ve ever attempted.



The hardest thing for me was the chocolate. I use a different brand – which I find it quite easy to work with, yet the chocolate I used was completely different, and didn’t like to set hard. Which made the panels a little difficult to finish.

Chocolate handmade roses

Chocolate handmade roses

The bride had requested dark purple roses, which I made in chocolate. The flowers arrived from Australia in my suitcase surprisingly ok. I had lost 10 in flight, but fortunately I didn’t need those ones anyway, even if I had, all you have to do is squash them back up and redo.

The bride and groom loved the cake, and people said it tasted as good as it looked. I was just relieved to be able to make a huge cake, that was done without my tools, kitchen or chocolate!

At the venue

At the venue

Just me, dressed up and ready to go to the wedding.

Just me, dressed up and ready to go to the wedding.


Dover beach


Dover Harbour

I had a fantastic time in the UK, and caught with my lovely family and friends. Arrived home exhausted!

Only had a week to recover from jet lag (again) before I had to make the next cake. However that is in the next blog.

Until next time, happy baking 🙂


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