Taking The Right Step with Go The Extra Mile Challenge


Go The Extra Mile - start line

Go The Extra Mile – start line

I haven’t been on here in ages!

Now normally I don’t do personal photos, however this one is an exception. As not only was I working, baking and being a Mum, somehow in between all that, myself and my walking partner in crime managed to train for a 50 km walk.

GO The Extra Mile is run by Focus on the Family Australia. Which is a not-for-profit Christian organisation dedicated to solving real life issues and offering relevant, practical support for all members of the family.

They tackle the challenging issues of teenage suicide, binge drinking, drugs, pornography, depression, bullying and teenage sexuality head on. They focus on academic and research excellence and their major programs undergo ongoing validation by independent experts. They concentrate on preventative education to help parents and teens recognise and stop crises before they happen.

We managed to train for this event in 12 weeks! We completed the walk in 11 hrs 39 mins, and raised some money for charity.

Go The Extra Mile

Go The Extra Mile

My health last year was pretty dodgy, so in January I decided enough, was enough and promptly went for a 12km walk through Birdsland (ironically you see lots of kangaroos, not so many birds).

I continued walking just to get healthier and, then I got my partner in crime, who is fantastically supportive. From there we decided to challenge ourselves. And we can talk until the cows come home about everything and anything! Which is important considering we were walking non-stop for up to 9 hours.


We’ve decided that 50 kms isn’t enough of a challenge, and so we are now training to walk 100 kms.

I would suggest to anyone out there, that if your feeling not so good, that taking a stroll will definitely make up feel better. I feel healthier, refreshed, and my body relaxes after a long walk.

It was a beautiful day for a 50 km stroll

It was a beautiful day for a 50 km stroll

Not only have I been busy with training, but I have also made lots of cakes. I even flew to the UK to make my best friend from primary schools wedding cake.

So there will be lots of blogs heading your way.t


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