Every Mixer Needs A Name, What Should Mine Be Called??

Bosco AS1200HD Multifunction Stand Mixer

Bosco AS1200HD Multifunction Stand Mixer – image supplied by Bosco Appliances.

Above is an image of my new toy, that I am expecting a delivery by the end of business hours tomorrow.

My little mixer that I purchased for $49 AUD has done well in the last 18 months, however it is now starting to protest when I start to mix larger quantities. So I have spent my time researching for a replacement. Looking at all the well-known brands and then stumbled across Bosco purely by chance.

The Bosco AS1200HD Multifunction Stand Mixer


  • Planetary mixing action.
  • Integrated suction cups on the base to ensure no movement during operation.
  • One Touch Button Automatic Dough Mixing with auto shut down.
  • Exclusive BOSCO double dough hook design for superior mixing and dough making (similar to commercial machines).
  • 4 programmed auto functions (just select a program and walk away)
  • Heavy Duty Die Cast Aluminium Housing All metal gears (front and planetary) and the gear box
  • Commercial Quality design and components
  • Sophisticated Automatic Electronic Controls with manual speed override.
  • Powerful 1200-1400 Watt motor
  • Head tilting mechanism with stainless steel reinforced arm for easy access and durability
  • Convenient one hand use “push and twist” attachments
  • Huge 6L mixing bowl made of fine stainless steel with ergonomic handle and transparent splash guard/cover
  • Robust heavy duty design to last for years
  • Overload protection
  • Up to 3 kg dry ingredient mixing capacity


  • Super easy to operate.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Blender, stainless steel bowl and cover are dishwasher safe.
  • Huge money-saving by having multiple appliances all in one.
  • Make your life in the kitchen much easier and pleasurable
  • Save kitchen bench space and kitchen cupboard normally used for all those appliances
  • New attachments coming soon
  • Make delicious healthy meals in minutes.
  • Save money by purchasing fresh ingredients and turn them into delicious meals with the help of your BOSCO kitchen machine
  • Great performance and reliability.
  • Heavy Duty Metal Construction Design built to last for years.
  • Makes any kitchen bench look modern and hi-tech.
  • Proudly Australian owned company.
  • After sale support even outside warranty period.

Details of the attachments included:

  • 1.5 L heavy duty glass design blender– with super strong stainless steel blades rotating at 19,000 RPM. Crushes ice in seconds. Can process hot/cold ingredients. Blends fruits/vegetables to completely homogenised consistency.
  • 0.25 L mini grinder – perfect for grinding coffee beans/nuts/herbs/spices or fruits/vegetables. Perfect attachment to make baby food.
  • Professional mincer with sausage making accessories – including 3 size dies (fine, medium and coarse) to grind fresh mince in seconds. Also includes kebbeh making attachment.
  • Set of pasta extruder dies – including angel hair, spaghetti, fettuccine, rigatoni. Cookie extruder attachment tool for 4 different types of cookie extrusions.

What’s in the Box:

  • AS1200HD stand mixer.
  • Blender attachment.
  • Mini Grinder attachment.
  • Whisk attachment.
  • Flat beater attachment- standard.
  • Double dough hooks.
  • Mincer attachment, feed tray with tamper, 3 mincing dies (fine, medium and coarse)
  • Pasta extruder dies.
  • Sausage tube.
  • Cookie extruder.
  • 6 litre stainless steel bowl with handle.
  • Splash guard.
  • Silicone Scraper Beater.
  • Operating instructions and quick reference guide.

To say I’m excited to test drive this would be an understatement!! I will be putting my review up on this blog in the next couple of days. As well as adding a link to Bosco Appliances.

The cost of the mixer is $439 AUD. Which is an amazing price, considering what you get for your money and considering the cost of other well-known brands, and that is before you start to add all the attachments.

So every great mixer needs a name, and I need help to find a name for this beasty. I would love to hear your suggestions.

Change of subject now, in the next week I have to make a cake to be professionally photographed to be put in a full-page ad for Melbourne Wedding & Bride Magazine. Which is an amazing opportunity. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it at first, and was thankful that I even got a phone call, when I know there are much better cake people out there than me. However I have decided to take a chance and go for it.

So I am currently trying to work out what cake design I want to do. I know that it will be chocolate as that is really the direction that I want to go in. And I can see cherry’s on the cake, big beautiful cherries, but that is as far as I’ve got. Definitely a work in progress. I will obviously put the cake up on the blog once I have finished. In fact I have to make 2 cakes as there is another ad in the same magazine, but this time I have to take the photo and add the words. No idea what I’m going to write! Or for that matter what cake design is going to be either. Deadline is on the 22nd April, so really need to be sitting down and working it out.

I will also be tweaking the blog. I am wanting to add food that is more than just cake. In the last 6 months or so I have started to make my own cleaning products, and starting to make our own breakfast muesli and bread. I want to become more self-sufficient, so to speak.

So I will be sharing, advice, tips, recipes and much more as I continue this journey. And I will be adding links that follow this same path.

On a personal note, Mr Hollipops is loving the muesli!! He has already gone through one container and is currently going through the 2nd container!

On the next blog I will add the muesli recipe and photos, as well as the Bosco Stand Mixer review. Keeping busy as always!

Until next time, happy baking 🙂


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