Chocolate Winter Wonderland House

176There is something about working with chocolate that feels very organic.

I love how you can turn chocolate into anything, in fact I find it easier to use than fondant including turning chocolate into veggies!

Chocolate veggies

Chocolate veggies

Chocolate trees with angel, veggies and flowers

Chocolate trees with angel, veggies and flowers

This house was a special request for a local primary school, to raise end of year funds. I decided that everyone does a gingerbread house, but not chocolate. So I decided to go for a chocoholics dream πŸ™‚

The walls are chocolate with rice krispies to give the structure strength. I made 2 sheets. I then carefully cut out the template that I had drawn up.

Putting together was a simple affair, using melted chocolate as a glue.

After that it was just a matter of making it look like a house. With chocolate windows, flowers, veggie patch, and adding a lot of lollies!!!

Before the chickens were made.

Before the chickens were made

The next morning I decided that we needed chocolate candy cane looking window frames, and I was missing a mother hen and her chicks.


Chocolate Mother Hen and her chicks

Chocolate Mother Hen and her chicks

White chocolate and marshmallow chimney

White chocolate and marshmallow chimney

Chocolate door :)

Chocolate door πŸ™‚

There is no cake inside, this was a hollow structure, it still weighed quiet a bit. I must admit I pulled a shoulder muscle carrying it up the hill to the school. Who needs the gym when cakes are my weights.

I also made a little chocolate Christmas scene for my daughters teacher for a small gift.

All Chocolate - A Mother hen's Christmas

All Chocolate – A Mother hen’s Christmas

Lastly – I’ve had a topsy turvy 2012, one that I would not wish to repeat, so I am looking forward to a new year, and a fresh start. And with that I would like to wish all that view my little blog a wonderful 2013.

Happy New Year to you all and to all a goodnight xxx


4 thoughts on “Chocolate Winter Wonderland House

    • Thank you for your lovely comment. The people that one house are still munching their way through lol.
      Apparently the walls taste like a well known chocolate bar here in Aus.

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