My 2.5 Hour Cake

A Birthday cake for my Dad

I was having a housework day. You know the ones that you are completely in the zone and getting all the jobs done. I had a plan…..

The plan changed.

My youngest daughter pointed out that it was her Pop’s birthday and that it would be an excellent idea that we make him a cake. I love the term ‘we’.

How to fit that in with the major housework that I was doing.

So this was my day.

From the moment my eldest went to school I cleaned, right up until I picked her up from school.

At 4.15 I started to make and bake. While the cake was baking I had to decide on decorations.

So I cut out flowers, lots of them.

My youngest asked me if I had any idea how was I going to put the flowers on the cake. My answer – I had no idea.

Between baking, and decorations I had dinner on the go.

I placed the cakes straight in the fridge to cool down quickly so that I could put the chocolate buttercream on. Fortunately the cakes were small so they didn’t take long.

I layered and covered the cakes with the buttercream, followed by a lovely layer of chocolate fondant.

At this stage my parents walked through the front door at 6.30pm. I very quickly placed  the chocolate fondant flowers and leaves on the cake, there was no plan for this.

With a little lustre spray just to make it sparkle the cake was ready at 6.45pm – 2.5 hours after I started.

Cake all finished

Top of the cake

The cake was enjoyed by all and the taste was lovely, especially as it was just out of the oven.

It’s not my best looking cake, but what I have come to realise, is that a year ago, there would have been no way that I could achieve a baked and decorated cake in that time of 2.5 hours. I would have barely got started.

I have now a better understanding about how cakes are put together in speed, and I still have a looonnnng way to go in technique, but feel that I am getting more confident in my abilities as time goes on. And I know that if something goes wrong, that I can handle a situation where speed is of the essence, again a few months back, I would have gone into a blind panic.

Change of subject – I get to make another boys cake next week, which I love doing something different from my normal girlie style. Sometimes we all need a little break from pink.

Plus there are a couple of other projects in the pipeline, all of which I will share with you all at a later date.

Until then 🙂