Pretty, Pink with Flowers

Pretty, Pink with Flowers

This cake was for my daughters 4th Birthday yesterday. She had many designs in her head, and we went through several drafts, including a 2 tier with macaroons, Princess Castle, Barbie Dress Cake. Then she turned around and said “Mum, I want Pretty, Pink with Flowers.” So this is what I did.

I believe there are over 500 flowers, in 5 different colours which took approx 3 hours to cut out. I then sprayed them with pearl lustre to combine all the colours.

Many, many flowers

The cake is chocolate, with orange sugar syrup and chocolate orange buttercream – using real oranges instead of the extract. I find using the real thing gives the buttercream an element of freshness, and makes it tastes lighter. Also I find having the added benefit of vitamin C makes my cake seem a little healthier 🙂 I used 4 whole oranges in this cake.

The cake is an 8 inch & 6 inch.I must admit it took a little while to put all those flowers on the cake as they were so tiny.

I finished the cake at 9.30pm in the evening the day before her birthday.

I never got to taste the chocolate orange cake when I made the Tardis as this was an order, so I really enjoyed making this favour as I got to taste, and am happy to admit that it is very moorish (not good for the waist line). I love chocolate orange, and I love chocolate mint, which one is my favourite? Not sure right now. What is your favourite flavour combination?

My daughter loved the cake, and to quote a friend that had a slice that evening, she said “Man, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that cake.”

Pretty, Pink with Flowers

One last thing this evening, the Baseball Cap cake went down very well with the young man who it was for. It’s fantastic to get good feedback.

Fox Head Logo Baseball Cap

On that happy note must go, dinner to finish.




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