For Dr Who Fans – The Tardis Cake

The Tardis

Growing up in the UK Dr Who was a national institution, however never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would end up making a Tardis cake!

The cake measurements are 7 inch square by 12 inch high – basically a big, heavy cake.

The cake is a chocolate pound cake, in fact there are 8 cakes in total. Each cake is then brushed generously with an orange sugar syrup. Then they are layers with lashings of chocolate orange buttercream (made with fresh naval oranges). To add to the chocolate indulgence I added Terry’s Chocolate Orange all smashed up. Mmm yummy, admittedly I may have eaten a few pieces of the Terry’s – it would have been rude not too.

This was never a cake that I could just cover like an ordinary cake. So to get it right I made 4 individual panels.

Tardis panel – part 1

After completing the basic shell of the Tardis, I then had to do the writing. I used cutters for this. Which I found more time-consuming than the actual panels.

Tardis panel – part 2

I also changed the length of the black strip where the writing goes, so that the lettering would be clearer to see.

Tardis – putting it together.

Using a piece of strong cardboard I then gently but quickly placed each panel to the cake. Using this technique you don’t lose the shape.

By the time I had put a basic roof on top it was well after midnight, so I stopped.

Tardis Cake.

In the morning, I just did a couple of little bits to finish it.

Tardis – back of the cake.

The silver board that I decorated the cake on, was never meant to be seen. However when I went to transfer the cake to the prepared board, I realised that it was too heavy to transfer – if I had of moved it, then there would have been damage.

The quantity of fondant used was nearly 3 kilo’s. Which I had to add colour to make it a darker blue. when I looked at my hands after the colouring process, they appeared to be smurf hands! So here is my tip of the day – if you end up with gel paste coloured hands that won’t wash off with soap no matter how much you try, then do this. Put some Bi-carb of soda in your damp hands, rub into your hands, getting into all those annoying areas and rinse off. You may have to do this application 2 or 3 times, but you end up with beautiful clean, soft hands, that most definitely doesn’t resemble a smurf.

Enjoy 🙂


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