Surf Rescue Cake

Well here it is, my Lifeguard Cake.

Also, this is my first attempt at figures.

The cake is marbled sponge, with layers of vanilla and chocolate buttercream. All figures and accessories are made out of fondant. Except the tag which is made out of gumpaste, because he’d like to keep it.

Swimming Man

My favourite bit of the whole cake, is the swimming man.

When I was making him last night, it was in the midst of a large thunderstorm. The lights kept flickering and even my fish tanks stopped running. I actually said a little prayer last night that the power wouldn’t go out. As we all know that darkness doesn’t equal good decorating. Fortunately for me the power stayed on.

I had fun making this cake, the Australian lifeguard and his surf rescue surfboard, were fairly small, and so the writing had to be tiny. Thank goodness I had edible pen ink to do the smaller details.

I had to do the writing in black, as I didn’t have a red pen. Which would have made it a little bit more authentic.

As well as lots more practice on figures.

My next cake is the big one, the vintage glamour wedding cake. That cake will take up most if not all of next week to complete. I also have a small cupcake order for Easter Monday.

Well after the joy of baking and decorating, all that is left is the washing up, I much prefer the decorating.

Have a fantastic Easter everyone xx


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