Chanel Cake

© Hollipops Cakes 2012 - Chanel Inspired Cake

As you can see I finished the Chanel inspired cake.

It took all day from baking to finishing. And then I did about 20 mins work on it this morning. Placed in a 14 inch box and some nice black ribbon to finish it off.

I need to find some cool fondant lettering cutters. And I am currently browsing the internet for some new cutters.

I’m having the Sunday off, as we have to get ready for UK family arriving in Australia. So we need to get the house ready. However have decided to make a welcome cake, and after some of my friends on Hollipops Cakes Facebook page, we have come up with a traditional Aussie BBQ with prawns, so I am going to give this a go.

Next weekend we are having a birthday party for my eldest, and it is going to be a 50’s theme. So between myself and my eldest we are coming up with a design to incorporate everything she loves about the 50’s. So it should be quite a challenging cake!

After that we have Easter, and Mothers Day, so I have a few ideas floating around concerning those festivities.


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