Cortisone Injection + Cake Decorating = No Fun

I don't like needles 😦

I don’t like needles, never have. It’s amazing I have tattoos considering my fear of needles. I literally have to force myself out the door to have a blood test, or immunisation. So I really wasn’t going to enjoy the whole prospect of having a cortisone shot in my shoulder.

I had organised a good friend to take me to the hospital and to make sure that I stayed! The Doctor who did the injection also treats the Hawthorn AFL team, so he comes highly recommended. This still didn’t make me feel any better about an ultrasound guided injection.

I am looking forward to after the procedure, I am looking forward to make/decorating cakes without pain. I use to tread kneading of fondant or chocolate, as the pain afterwards would be that intense, that I couldn’t hold my daughters hand.

Having my friend with me really helped take my mind of the up coming procedure and I am very grateful that I didn’t have to go on my own. The nurse and doctor were fantastic and it was a lot quicker than I had anticipated. The part that made me feel a little yuk, was when the nurse said I could look at the ultrasound, and see the needle – there is some things I don’t need to see.  My arm now aches around the injection site, and it feels a little heavy.

In the words of the nurse “no cutting the lawn,or chopping wood, in a couple of days you should start to feel the benefit of the cortisone.” Which is what I am looking forward to the most – no shoulder pain 🙂


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