How To Decorate On A Hot Day??

Today is a warm day – it will get to 33C/91F, and this is great if you want to catch a bit of sun to improve those vitamin D levels. However when you  have cakes to decorate this can be a bit of a challenge. Especially when inside the house can get to 30C/86F.

I don’t have the luxury of air conditioning, so we deal with the heat with a small portable air con unit and fans in each room of the house. Again this is fine when it’s just the family, but when I work with chocolate that likes to be kept cool, then this is where problems arise.

I know that at some stage I will have to wake up earlier, so that I can work when the house is cooler, but that isn’t always the case in Australia especially on those 40C/104F days, when the house never seems to cool down.

I also position the fans where I am working to keep the area cool. At Christmas I made a cake that every piece of chocolate I worked with, got shaped and then put back in the fridge, before working on the next bit.

On the ‘Links,’ page I have found 2 recipes from Wilton that are designed for high humidity days.

Of course when I get my bakery I will have AC installed, then the issue won’t be as bad, but what can I do that I’m not already doing at home??

So if you have any tips, drop me a line in the comments. All tips will be greatly received.

Just a quick note on the wedding, I got to take my Mum & daughter to the dress shop this morning, where I got to try my gorgeous dress. What a wonderful way to start the day.


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